Suede Transformation: Enhancing Sony WH-1000XM5 with Dekoni Ear Pads

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I’ve possessed my Sony WH-1000XM5 headphones for just over a year, and they consistently rank among the top wireless headphones due to their superb blend of sound quality, comfort, noise cancellation, and excellent ambient sound settings. While the XM5s have become my go-to audio companion, I pondered the possibility of enhancing both their performance and appearance. That’s where Dekoni ear pads came into the picture.

"Suede Transformation: Enhancing Sony WH-1000XM5 with Dekoni Ear Pad
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Dekoni boasts an extensive online catalog featuring audio products tailored to a wide array of popular headphone and earbud models. Beyond ear pads and earphone tips, Dekoni offers various parts and accessories, ranging from carrying cases to supplementary audio cables and even cleaning kits.

In my exploration of Dekoni’s ear pads, I opted for the suede pair from their ‘Choice’ range. To thoroughly test their impact, I wore them consistently throughout my workday and daily activities, evaluating their contribution to the overall experience.

Opening the Box: A Suede Transformation

Upon unboxing, I discovered two ear pads accompanied by a small pry tool to facilitate the replacement of the original ear pads on the headphones. Although the pry tool required some trial and error, the ear pads proved reasonably straightforward to switch out.

Despite initial reservations about their visible bulkiness compared to the original leather XM5 ear pads, my surprise came when they retained the headphones’ overall comfort. The black color of the Dekoni ear pads, however, presented a stark contrast against my platinum silver XM5s, creating an unconventional aesthetic.

Comfort and Security: A Suede Upgrade

Despite the color mismatch, the sleek appearance and soft texture of the suede were notable. Beyond providing comfort over my ears, they added an extra layer of security, minimizing the need for constant readjustments during activities like running or commuting.

While not recommended for running due to potential overheating, the suede ear pads kept my ears cool in various conditions. The secure fit felt like built-in cushions, showcasing the responsiveness of the high-density memory foam. This feature also played a significant role in enhancing the XM5’s active noise-canceling (ANC) capabilities.

ANC Enhancement: Enjoying Music at Lower Volumes

The combination of XM5s and Dekoni’s suede ear pads resulted in a notable ANC upgrade. Now, I can relish my favorite music at lower volumes without worrying about external noise intrusion. The denser pads contribute to an even more robust audio experience, exemplified by the enhanced sound of Beyonce’s Renaissance.

However, the powerful ANC, while a blessing for uninterrupted listening, presented a challenge when using Ambient Sound Mode (AMB). AMB mode, designed to let in outside noises for easier conversations, loses its simplicity due to the heightened ANC with suede pads.

A Blessing and a Curse: ANC Impact on AMB Mode

While AMB mode is useful for interactions in noisy environments, the potent ANC, when combined with suede pads, creates a significant hurdle. Communicating in scenarios like ordering coffee at a busy train station becomes challenging, requiring raised voices to overcome the heightened noise cancellation.


the Dekoni suede ear pads bring both a delightful ANC upgrade and a potential drawback in certain usage scenarios. The heightened noise cancellation, while elevating the music experience, affects the simplicity of engaging with ambient sounds in everyday situations. Nevertheless, the soft suede lining introduces a unique dimension to the headphone experience, prompting a humorous consideration of potential lip-reading skills

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