Design Revolution: What We Know About the Nothing Phone (2a) Ahead of Its Launch

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As we edge closer to the March 5 launch date of the Nothing Phone (2a), leaks and insights into the device are gaining momentum. Recently, a set of potentially official images has surfaced, revealing the final design of this mid-range smartphone.


Leaked Renders on Nothing Community Forums

Shared on the Nothing Community forums by user Greg2024, the renders showcase a distinct departure from the Phone (2) model. Despite the original post’s deletion, users managed to preserve its contents. The leaked images depict a radical change in design, with horizontally aligned rear camera lenses at the center of the upper half and the removal of the glyph. Instead, three light strips surround the cameras, accompanied by a unique pipe-like pattern below.

Front Design and Color Options

On the front, the device is rumored to feature a 6.7-inch AMOLED screen surrounded by thin bezels. The pinhole selfie lens is positioned at the top, and the leaked images reveal the power button on the right side, with volume controls on the left. The Nothing Phone (2a) is expected to be available in black or white color options.

Deciphering the Leaks: Design Choices and Features

Analyzing the leaked images, it appears that design choices, such as the transition from the rear glyph to a simplified light array and the absence of the wireless charging coil, may be attributed to cost-cutting measures by developers. The credibility of the leak is further enhanced by the camera setup, aligning with images shared by industry insider Abhishek Yadav.

Speculations on Device Specifications

While specific device specifications were not part of the leak, a recent company YouTube video confirmed that the smartphone will run on a custom-built MediaTek Dimensity 7200 Pro chipset. Details about RAM and storage remain officially undisclosed, but rumors suggest at least 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. Pricing speculation hovers around $380/£300/€349.

Cautionary Note: Information Subject to Change

As always, it’s crucial to approach this information with caution, considering the potential for changes in the coming weeks. The possibility of the company reverting to the old vertically aligned lens array has not been ruled out.

Audio Product Announcements by CMF

Simultaneous to the phone leak, Nothing’s sub-brand CMF announced two new audio products. Notably, the Neckband Pro, a pair of earbuds with a presumed battery pack, is set to offer “best in class ANC” (active noise canceling). For those seeking ANC recommendations, TechRadar’s list of the best noise-canceling earbuds for 2024 is worth checking out

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